Time, Tools, and Tracking to Handle Insurance Efficiently

Is your dental office:


  • Overwhelmed by a mass of confusing insurance filing?
  • Backed up on reimbursement because of slow paper systems?
  • Not sure how to implement an EFT & ERA Technology payment system?


Who Dental WebSmart can help:

You’re a solo dentist, or other small Dental service based business professional. You’re making good money, you have patients, and you love what you do but you’re cash flow is slow. To be honest you sometimes have trouble paying your bills. You love having a full schedule, but there never seems to be anytime for you to implement and train your front office staff. You’re so busy you feel guilty because it’s taking a toll on those most important in your life. You wanted a business around your lifestyle and instead, you have a lifestyle built around your business and right now… there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

You know implementing cash flow systems is critical to building your business, but you struggle with getting the foundation pieces in place. The different rules and regulations, forms to fill out, dealing with insurance companies, how to get your staff trained, hiring the right consultant and the list keeps going. You need to see results and need to fill your pipeline.

To Improve cash flow, your primary focus needs to be on:


  • Changing how you do business
  • Implementing new technology - the cost is small, and the payoff is huge
  • Automate your front office Insurance payment systems
  • Use digital technology to attach narratives, x-ray's, perio charting to all claims
  • Create insurance payment systems to receive payment in 2-7 days
  • Implement real-time eligibility verification systems
  • Knowing your clearinghouse and the services they offer to save money
  • Implement secure security systems to reduce the risk of embezzlement


It’s all about improving cash flow systems and working less! Moving from overwhelm, we’ll move into overdrive, so you can serve more patient's than you’re currently serving and make even more money while working less and finally having time off to be with those you love.


Confidential, no-obligation, get acquainted session with Chris:


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