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About Dental WebSmart


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How did you become a Dental EFT & ERA

Technology Specialist?

To answer your question let me share with you "my story" that has led me in my journey in Dentistry to where I am today consulting dental offices just like you, on how to engage the Provider, clearinghouse and payer in simplifying the electronic set up and to complete the enrollment process with all partners involved.

Having worked in Dentistry for 35 years, starting as an assistant, moving into the front desk and eventually into an Office Manager position, I knew it was time for a change.

After living in the North all my life and dealing with another snow storm where we had lost power more times than I want to share. It was time to move south like we had always talked about doing. Carolina here we come!

That's when in my long solo drive south, I had a lot of time to think about my next move in my career. As I was getting settled in my new home, I received a phone call from an office looking for a part-time Insurance Manager in downtown Greenville,SC which became my new job in the sunny south, and where the journey began.

As I settled in to my new position, I began my discovery of the new wave of technology involving electronic insurance payments. I was already using and submitting electronic insurance claims – now the insurance companies were talking about EFT payments being directly deposited into the doctors bank account. Wow! What a huge benefit this presented to the dentist and the practice!

I slowly started implementing direct deposit to receive electronic payments for the practice I was with and after much research and gaining more knowledge, I realized that I had something valuable to offer the dental community.

I found an immediate three fold benefit in Electronic insurance payments being directly deposited into the doctor's bank account:

1. The electronic insurance payments being automatically deposited into the practice bank account gave the doctor access to the funds much quicker.

2. Improved payment turn around cycle within 2-7 days.

3. This drastically cut down on the possibility of embezzlement in the practice.

I made a commitment to help Dental offices implement a more streamlined electronic process in their front office systems to improve cash flow and move the practice into leaving a paper based payment system to becoming an electronic based payment system.

This system helped one of the offices I worked with reach a 99% collection rate.

That's about as good as it gets! And the journey continues!


Who are your clients exactly…

I work with people just like you, dental practices, coaches, consultants, and other small service based Dental business professionals, who know the value of electronic Direct Deposit based insurance systems verses paper based that‘s purpose is to improve their revenue cycle, but have never been taught, or struggle with, exactly how to engage the Clearinghouse and Payer into simplifying the electronic set up and to complete the EDI enrollment process with all partners. This system will improve cash flow and office efficiencies for expanding your business to attract more clients, and increase your income.

I’ve worked with a variety of professions including:

  • Dental Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Corporate Dental Practices
  • Dental Clearinghouses
  • Dental Front Desk Managers
  • Dental CPA’s
  • Virtual Assistants

Most people in your field are probably all staying in their same “comfort zones” and doing the same things when it comes to their revenue cycle management. Often my clients tell me I teach and share strategies and resources to help achieve results where their competitors are still using paper based systems.

How are you different from other Consultants…

Although at times we may touch on more revenue management building subjects, I’m not just any consultant, my focus is narrow. I only work with Dental practices and dental entrepreneurs and owners of dental service based companies.

Having worked with dental practices for 35 years, my specific area of focus is implementing Technology driven insurance systems to improve a Dental practices cash flow.

Creating the right revenue cycle tailored to your business, for more results, attracting more clients, accelerating your business, and making more money for creating the freedom and lifestyle you deserve.

Who do you work best with and what is expected of me…

I love to work with dedicated and talented dental practices and other small dental based business owners, CPA’s, and consultants, like you, who already know the value of what a great technology revenue cycle management system can produce but, struggle with having proper systems in place.

My system is for the “go-getters” who are excited, very serious, and super–ready to get going on accomplishing the exact steps, systems, and guidance needed for getting their revenue cycle management under control, and then taking the action needed for creating and putting those systems into place for more results, and more money.



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