Sunday, September 19, 2021

Electronic Claims Service

Electronic Claims Service partner ClaimX powered by ExtraDent



Save money, time, and be more efficient


Who is ExtraDent?

ExtraDent was one of the first companies to provide .NET solutions for the dental industry. Our approach is foreseeing the need for the latest technologies and applying it to simplify our clients practice.

Our flagship product, ClaimX, uses the latest developing technologies to bring you the fastest and easiest way to process claims. We provide you applications that take advantage of existing and latest technologies that other programs just can't offer. This is all being supported by development professionals with over 40 years of combined experience relating specifically to developing, supporting and maintaining software for the dental industry.

What is ClaimX?

ClaimX is an electronic insurance management system that interfaces with your Practice Management System. ClaimX will do more than submit your claims. ClaimX will help with claim processing, claim status and eligibility checking so your office runs more efficiently.

What are some other features of ClaimX?

ClaimX will print claims, store NPI numbers, check claim status, send eligibility requests, receive responses electronically, manage claims with Watchdog and integrate with NEA for electronic attachments (i.e. digital radiographs, periodontal charting). These services will help a dentist run his or her office more efficiently while saving on staff time and the cost of claims processing.

Why should a dentist switch to ClaimX?

The No. 1 reason is savings! "Would I like to pay a flat unlimited monthly claims submission fee or pay the practice management software claim cost of 45-55¢ per claim?" ClaimX provides the same services that the others provide, but for a lower cost. ClaimX also provides additional services and features for no additional cost.

What are some frequently asked questions?

  1. Do I need high-speed (broadband) Internet access? Yes
  2. Does ClaimX work with my current practice management system? Yes
  3. Can I call support if I have a question? Yes (and it's free)
  4. Can I submit digital radiographs and periodontal charting? Yes (NEA, Inc. is required)
  5. Are there any contracts? No
  6. Are there any set-up fees? No
  7. Are there any charges for installation, training, or support? No
  8. If I wish to stop using the service, is there a cancellation fee? No
  9. What is the fee for unlimited claim submission and unlimited with eligibility? As low as $50 per month for unlimited and $69.95 for both.

How would a dentist get started?

Please call us so we can guide you through the enrollment process at (864) 414-1126. Our partnership provides you greater savings than if you go directly through ExtraDent website.

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