Monday, November 29, 2021

Virtual EFT & ERA Training

The Dental WebSmart Virtual EFT & ERA Training is essentially “do it yourself ” EFT & ERA management consulting. We supply the syllabus, daily protocol, instructions, and guidance but, you institute the changes in your office with Dental WebSmart support.

Creating EFT & ERA Technology tailored to your practice, achieves better cash flow, improves claims submission, faster payment cycle, improved provider relations and treatment acceptance.

Training staff members with the responsibilities associated with the insurance coordinator position with this system will ultimately be a huge benefit to the practice.

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The Virtual EFT & ERA Training includes : signed contract for 1 year of support @ $99 per month


Training Contract:

 Fill out and e-mail back to us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




    • Engaging the three key players in the EFT process (provider, clearinghouse & payer) gather practice information.
    • “How to Implement EFT & ERA Technology for a Dental Practice ”An extensive syllabus covering all the major topics and office technology systems for setting up EFT’s using Dental WebSmart guidance to its maximum potential
    • EFT & ERA Manager:  This is a dynamic list of EFT carriers to prioritize the set-up process for the most efficient way to improve your cash flow. 
    • Mantra Report: Train and Monitor the 3 things staff must do before the process begins! Create a system of cash flow by *2-3 weeks of production rather than 2-3 months*
    • Technology Systems: real time eligiblity and digital x-ray attachment systems
    • Printable document downloads for EFT & ERA process.
    • Know the benefit of your clearinghouse and what they offer to save money.
    • How to set-up and safeguard against embezzlement. 

All updates are included, showing your office the most efficient ways to achieve EFT & ERA Technology that will achieve technology driven Administrative Simplification. 


 Chris Haines experience in dental offices means she understands the ins and outs of insurance and the real challenges dentists face. But we’re not about the one-size-fits-all approach. We know you need a system that is tailored to your practice.

We’ll be your consultant, analyzing your office’s unique needs, for long-term success and develop a plan to improve your electronic based Insurance systems and your bottom line.

A new era in Dentistry has begun, if dentists want to increase the cash flow coming out of their practice he/she needs to learn how to manage their businesses, or hire the right experienced professional with the help of their management team to help them do so.

If your practice is in need of adequate staffing to allocate front end systems for streamlining insurance back-end revenue cycle functions for EFT/ERA which requires significant time with each payer, then give us a call.  

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